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19 de Junio 2007

Second Earth

MIT Technology Review on Google EarthMIT's Technology Review has published an interesting article called "Second Earth" by Wade Roush. This is a lengthy article, but is a worthy read if you are interested in the developing trends on virtual globes - like Google Earth, World Wind, and Virtual Earth - and social virtual worlds like Second Life, There, and World of Warcraft. Not surprisingly, most people in the industry believe the Internet is evolving towards increasing 3D interfaces and that real virtual globes like Google Earth with soon be linked up with fantasy virtual worlds like Second Life. The article is full of examples of the many different ways Second Life and Google Earth are being used to represent different aspects of real life including links to KML files, videos, and Second Life URLs to the examples. Wade Roush last fall wrote about how KML has been developing towards a defacto standard and he has a good grasp of what is going on with these virtual world/globe technologies.

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