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1 de Junio 2007

Google Developer Day - Videos Released

Google Developer Day 2007

Google has posted video recordings of the presentations at Google Developer Day from around the world. There are already 76 video recordings posted here. Even if you were able to go to one of the 10 locations where GDD was held, you may find it useful to catch a presentation held somewhere else for more details. Very slick that Google has already posted so many recordings, but not surprising considering its Google. I don't think a conference has ever been conducted in 10 different countries and had all of its presentations available for viewing on the Internet within 24 hours - not to mention the live web casts.

Here is the opening Keynote at the US San Jose Google Developer Day:

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    Hi, I just wanted to let you know there's been a new imagery update.
    This what i've found:
    Toronto (big area around the city)
    Alabama (updated)
    Germany (updated)

    Enviado por: Siemen at 2 de Junio 2007 a las 10:09 AM

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