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1 de Mayo 2007

See the Googleplex Solar Panel Plan in 3D

Big Buddha in Google EarthAbout a month ago I was lamenting that Google had taken away a 3D model from the 3DWarehouse which showed the huge solar panel project planned for the Googleplex. Google will be adding 1.6 Megawatts of solar panels above most of their buildings at their headquarters. Even some of the parking lots will be covered with solar panels (also providing some shade for the cars). A couple of days ago, Google re-posted the 3D models showing the Googleplex with solar panels. Download the main Googleplex buildings with solar panels , and you can also see some of the other buildings (which includes the offices where the Google Earth team members are located).

Implementing a major alternative energy source plan like this is good corporate citizenship. Any of you Googlers know what the status is of the solar panels? Have they started putting them up? If not, when will they be installed? In the meantime, the 3D models showing the plan are fun to see! I also like that the name of the file is "Google2". Maybe it should be Googleplex 2.0. :-)

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    Many rooftops are already covered in panels, and the photovoltaic-covered parking area just outside the Maps/Earth building opened recently.

    Enviado por: Michael Jones at 2 de Mayo 2007 a las 06:50 AM

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