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10 de Mayo 2007

News Roundup - Spanish GE Blog, My Maps Embedding, Misc

  • Spanish GE Blog - One of the Google Earth Community moderators called 'Dulce' has a new Google Earth blog in spanish. Here's an announcement post at the GEC.
  • My Maps Embedding - DigitalGeography, an excellent resource for educators using mapping products, has a post about how to embed Google Maps My Maps on your web page.
  • Misc - John Bailey, who works at the Alaska Volcano Observatory & Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, wrote a lengthy E-mail to me and Stefan of OgleEarth summarizing a bunch of cool things he's been quietly hiding from all of us. Stefan posts the entire E-mail with links to all the interesting things. I recommend reading it. One of the hidden gems in John's post was a cool video which was taken by David Ralliant of Pict-Earth. See the video in the next post.

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