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9 de Mayo 2007

New Satellite Imagery of Town Destroyed by Tornado

Greensburg, Kansas destroyed by tornado in Google EarthDigital Globe has recently acquired a satellite photo of Greensburg, Kansas - the town which was destroyed by an F5 tornado last Friday night (see news reports). Digital Globe is the main provider of satellite photos Google uses for Google Earth. Someone at Google has quickly processed the Greensburg photo for viewing with GE. In order to make the photo available right away, they have posted this KML file at the GE Community forum. Once loaded, you will see the image begin to load. Zoom in for more detail. The KML file includes both a before and after version of the imagery (since the base imagery is lower resolution). The "after" photo (taken on May 7th) shows just how devastating this tornado was...it's awful! I see over 50 blocks which appear to be totally destroyed. Practically the entire town really was destroyed. Hopefully the photo will be of use to rescue workers. But, at this stage, it may be more important that this help accelerate aid to the citizens of this town who were obviously the victims of a terrible natural disaster.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 9 de Mayo 2007 a las 03:40 PM

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    hi frank

    im having trouble seeing the greensboro images --it may be my network connection ?? -- but can you check

    many thanks


    Enviado por: danescombe at 10 de Mayo 2007 a las 01:03 AM


    I am having a similar problem as well. The picture goes back to the pervious blurry version then reloads and going close-up and moving is very slow. Rest of Google Earth runs just fine, no problems.

    Enviado por: Tybois Uphold at 10 de Mayo 2007 a las 01:06 PM

    damn, this town was hit hard... the path of destruction is about 1km(.6miles) wide. i have never seen anything like this... must have been hell to go through this;-(

    Enviado por: smokeonit at 12 de Mayo 2007 a las 01:20 AM

    Apparently smokeonit missed that whole Katrina thing.

    Enviado por: Skinny Piano Guy at 14 de Mayo 2007 a las 02:06 PM

    I see a football field below, looks like the tornado was about 700 yards across, thats a big wedge.

    Enviado por: mark at 18 de Junio 2007 a las 03:09 AM

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