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10 de Mayo 2007

New Official Google Geo Blog

Google Lat Long Blog Logo

Google has quietly introduced a new blog for the Google Geo team (that's the Google term for the folks who work on the mapping products: Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Mobile, and the associated APIs). The name of the new blog is Google Lat Long Blog (as in latitude and longitude). The inaugural post is by John Hanke (who, before joining Google, was the CEO of KeyHole - the makers of the product which became Google Earth, and is now the Director of the Geo team at Google). He says their products are becoming more interrelated and evolving so fast, they felt publishing their own blog would be the best way to communicate with developers and users of the new mapping products and mapping-related search products they are working on. He also speaks a bit about the concept of the "Geoweb".

The first real blog entry was by Brian McClendon, who is the Engineering Director of the Geo team, and he posts about the new Greensburg, Kansas imagery they released yesterday.

Stefan at OgleEarth and Mike at GoogleMapsMania were the first to post about the new blog.

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