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23 de Mayo 2007

Google Survey on Google Earth

Google is looking to conduct "User Experience Research" involving Google Earth. Fill out this survey form to help them decide if you meet their needs for the real study. They will either have you fill out an online survey, or participate in a focus group or in-person interviews. According to the FAQ, you could get paid if they select you to participate!

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 23 de Mayo 2007 a las 02:05 PM

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    The survey have been closed, please inform me when the survey is open soon

    Enviado por: hanly at 12 de Junio 2007 a las 11:25 PM

    I have been selected to participate in this study, thanks for tipping me off about it. I've talked on the phone with a google rep a couple of times and filled out two preliminary surveys via email. They are asking me to keep a sort of "google earth diary" for a week beginning this Wednesday. Upon completion, I'm supposed to receive a Google tshirt and a $100 American Express gift card.

    Enviado por: Jake at 18 de Junio 2007 a las 09:20 PM

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