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31 de Mayo 2007

Google Developer Day 2007 - Keynote

10:03: Waiting for the start of events - we're in a huge room stock full of people. This is going to be the keynote address for GDD - Outside in the lobby was a registration area made to look like the Googleplex. Foosball tables, beanbags, candy, food, drink, coffee, toys, and more. No bag of swag like I heard other GDD locations got. Maybe that will be later.

10:11: Jeff Huber, VP of Engineering up first. Thanks to Googlers from around the world for making this a great event. Broadcasting this to the European locations. Talk about all the locations holding the GDD. 1500 people here at San Jose, and over 5000 worldwide. All the events are completely free including free food! Talk about the growth of the developer community and products from Google. The introduction of Google Maps in 2005 was a big influence on Google's strategy for openng up APIs for Google products. In 2006 introduced 10 APIs or toolkits.

Examples of applications built with Google's tools:

    Walk Jog Run Housing Maps - Granddaddy of Google Maps mashups Boston Globe has a movie finder with their reviews Picnik - Uses Picassa photos interface Spanning Sync Honda - a Used Car service tied to Google Base

10:25 Google Mashup Editor - Paul McDonald - Experimental new product - simple tags and HTML for creating Google Maps and other Google products to produce a mashup. Comes with an editor, and a testing "sandbox" so you can verify your tags are working before you publish it.

10:32 Google now has over half a Billion people visit their network each month.

10:33 Google's Gadgets - Popular examples: PacMan v2.4 generated 6.4 Million page views last week. ToDo generated 4.7 million pageviews for its developer last week. He's advocating Gadgets can drive a lot of traffic to your site. Soon you will be able to put gadgets in all kinds of places.

10:36 Google Mapplets - One of the top queries is hotels. Orbitz is building a Google Mapplet gadget to allow you to search for hotels. Then showed Weatherbug overlayed over the Orbits hotel layer. You can do a search within a picked location and get a local search for other information like dining, parks, etc. Google Mapplets is a mashup of mashups.

10:40 Google Web Toolkit - lets you do development in Java and compile it into Ajax that is compatible with the various browsers and OSes.

10:41 Google Gears - Offline access for web apps, cross browser and cross-platform, open source; Google wants this to be an industry standard. Google Reader offline is first. Gave a demonstration of this, but had a bit of trouble telling the computer to go offline (and to convince the browser to show he was off line - had to disable the cache). He jokingly stated we need an easier way to make our computers disconnected!

10:54 End of the Keynote approaching. I have to say I'm really disappointed on the lack of anything being introduced or even talked about regarding Google Earth. Big disappointment from a Google Earth perspective so far. There is certainly a lot of cool stuff from Google - but, where is the Google Earth news??

10:55 Sergey Brin up next. Amusing line of thinking about the Internet generating new Internet kids who will be developing the future of the Internet going forward. Thanks to developers for making the Internet a great place.

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    Yes Frank, it's indeed sad that there's no news for us enthusiastic Earth fans. Google Earth plus the SpaceNavigator is still the best way to browse the surface of our planet and I had expected new imagery, no question.
    The amount of data generated for the StreetView feature is unbelievable. Browsing through those cities is enough fun to shorten the time when Google deploys new Earth imagery.
    Thanks for your reporting from Where 2.0, I F5'd your blog multiple times each day. ;-)

    Enviado por: Ernst M. Kofler at 31 de Mayo 2007 a las 02:27 PM

    I would second basically all what Ernst just said. From my side as well - Big Thanks to you Frank for being there and blogging all the interesting stuff you heard and saw at the event.

    It is sad there was nothing big to report about Google Earth, but as GE fans are creating so much cool stuff each day, it is that much easier for me to wait for the main updates.

    Enviado por: Aulo Aasmaa at 31 de Mayo 2007 a las 03:05 PM

    The simple fact is a Google Earth power user community is needed to take the interest and power developers/implementers to the next level. OK it takes a year since Keyhole was morphed, but not two! There are a couple options: wait for Google to start something or let's create something from the "grassroots". Imagine a Google Earth User Conference 2008. It can either be stand-alone or partnered with another geo-industry event.

    Enviado por: GE User at 31 de Mayo 2007 a las 03:08 PM

    I was really really really looking forward to imagery updates!!!

    Enviado por: bz at 31 de Mayo 2007 a las 03:26 PM

    We did get imagery updates, in the form of Street View!

    Aside from other data - data is an ongoing effort that's more systematic and mundane in comparison to technological advancement. To me, and in comparison with 'others' - Google stole this event hands down with the variety of technological advancements that were rolled-out!

    Enviado por: Daniel at 31 de Mayo 2007 a las 04:52 PM

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