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25 de Mayo 2007

Google Developer Day - May 31st - More Details

Google Developer Day 2007

Google has posted more details on the big upcoming Google Developer Day (<- follow the link for full details). They are expecting over 5000 developers to attend in 10 countries. Fully 1000 have registered for the Mountain View/San Jose event, which has been moved to the San Jose Convention Center to accommodate the throngs (many of which will be coming from Where 2.0 which ends the day before). There will be three tracks. The one of primary interest to GEB readers will be the "Developing with GEO" track which includes sessions on SketchUp, Maps API, KML, Maps Mashups, KML Search, and more. They will be providing transportation, after the sessions, over to the Googleplex for some food and entertainment. This will be fun!

Also an important note: if you can't be at Mountain View in person, you can still watch it live thanks to a Live Webcast being pushed out by Google. And YouTube videos will also be available for sessions held in other countries. Yours truly will be there in person and live blogging during the event.

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