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26 de Mayo 2007

Amish Horse and Carriages in Google Earth

Horse and Carriages (or Buggy) in Google EarthA few days ago someone posted a nice shot of a horse and buggy at the Google Earth Community. The poster, called 'bellenarcissa', said there are Amish living in this area of Indiana - who still use this for their primary transportation. Then, other GEC members found several other horse and carriages around the area. One of the posters discovered a large store with numerous horse and carriages parked outside. Turning on the GEC Community layer while looking at the store, we find it is the "Town & Country Hardware" store which is located in Shipshewana, Indiana "Heart of the Northern Indiana Amish Country". Here is a collection of the placemarks from the thread showing all the horse and carriages and the hardware store.

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    Over in GE Hacks we're up to 30 sightings of Amish transportation in Nappanee, Indiana...


    Enviado por: tombal at 22 de Junio 2007 a las 01:36 AM

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