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25 de Abril 2007

Video Demo of New American Architecture 3D Layer for Google Earth

The new 3D layer announced yesterday by the American Institute of Architects and Google is great stuff. The layer was created in celebration of the AIA's 150th anniversary. You can find the new layer under the Featured Content layer in GE. Once turned on you will see little red "A" placemarks which show the location of the 150 most popular architectural structures in America. To give you an idea of the quality of these models I've created a short 5 minute video showing just a sample of the 3D models from within Google Earth. Check it out here:

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 25 de Abril 2007 a las 03:02 PM

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    Nice presentation. Thanks for taking the time to put that together for those of us that haven't been able to explore the collection much yet, and/or who don't have Space Navigators.

    It's a pity that YouTube's video compression really cancels out a lot of the impressiveness of the models though. Everything ends up looking grainy and blurry once on YouTube. I wonder if any of the other free video sharing sites would yield a better quality end result, either through less compression or by allowing you to upload a larger/crisper source file?

    Enviado por: Rob H at 25 de Abril 2007 a las 04:58 PM

    Great videos! I hope you don't mind that I syndicated your Denver exploration. http://www.in8years.com/in_8_years/2007/04/the_new_periphe.html

    Enviado por: Jonathan at 25 de Abril 2007 a las 10:11 PM

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