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17 de Abril 2007

Useful Google Earth Graphing/Drawing Tools

Singapore roads, POIs, and buildings in Google EarthLeszek at FreeGeographyTools.com blog recently reviewed the handy GE-Graph tool by R. Sgrillo of Brazil. This very useful tool has been updated since GEB first reviewed it in May of last year. GE-Graph can be used to generate 3D graphs using Google Earth both to create the location data and provide the powerful graph visualizations. It supports both colorful bar charts, and also 3D shape file charts as well. He even provides links to shape files for states for various countries.

In addition to GE-Graph, Sgrillo has provided an application called GE-Path which (as the name implies) lets you draw paths by connecting placemarks. This program also lets you draw polygons and import data from spreadsheets. A particularly useful feature lets you also measure the distance of paths, or circumference of shapes as well as the area of shapes. Many people have asked how to measure an area with Google Earth, this tool enables that capability quite nicely. GE-Path was especially useful before Google released GE 4 with built-in path and polygon capability. But, the ability to measure area and other features of this program still make it a worthwhile utility. And, since these programs are free, the price is right.

Similar types of 3D visualizations done with Google Earth:

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