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9 de Abril 2007

New Google Earth Layers for April: Darfur, Trimble, and more

[UPDATE April 11 - 2130 ET - Updated list based on the announcement]

Google has quietly (I'm waiting for an announcement) just released some new layers for Google Earth. They also have re-arranged the order of some of the layers so they make more sense.

Here's some highlights of what I've found so far:

  • The "Global Awareness" layer is now separated from the "Featured Content" layer.
  • Crisis in Darfur on Google EarthCrisis in Darfur - This new layer is turned on by default now when you open Google Earth. You will find it under the Global Awareness layer folder, the first layer is now "UHSMM - Crisis in Darfur". The US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has substantially updated content which was described here a couple of months ago about the human rights abuses occurring in Darfur. The USHMM declared a genocide emergency in Darfur in 2004, and already 2.5 million people have been displaced, and 300,000 people killed in the region. This layer does an amazing job at illustrating the crisis in the area showing satellite photos of destroyed villages, locations of refugee camps, photos of human rights abuses, and provides links to more information on the web. A press announcement is being made tomorrow on this new layer according to CNET.
  • Layers Moved - Two layers were moved out of Featured Content into the Global Awareness layer: UNEP: Atlas of Our Changing Environment, and the Jane Goodall Gombe Chimpanzee Blog.
  • Trimble Outdoors Trips - This new Featured Content layer comes from Trimble - makers of GPS technology. It's focus is to provide information on outdoor hikes, GPS tracks, photos, videos, and other related information. From what I see so far, the content is all in the US. But, they have a special web site designed to allow people to upload their information on trips, so I'm sure other locations can be handled as well. There are a lot of similarities in the content to the Tracks4Africa layer which is also in the Featured Layers.
  • Swiss Ski Resorts, Lifts, and Mountain Railways
  • 100% Pure New Zealand - New Zealand is the first country to get its own tourism layer under the Travel and Tourism layer.
  • Detailed Roads for India, Singapore
  • Points of Interest for India, Singapore, and Brazil
  • Updates to the following:
    • UNEP: Atlas of Our Changing Environment
    • European Space Agency
    • Turn Here: City Video Guides
    • Best of 3D Warehouse
    • Google Earth Community
    • Geoweb: Best of GEC
    • Dining (US)
    • Digital Globe Coverage

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    Now we're talkin'.

    Enviado por: Daniel at 9 de Abril 2007 a las 11:01 PM

    Also new, under Transportation is 'Mountain Railways', 'Bus Stations'.

    Enviado por: Kelvin at 10 de Abril 2007 a las 01:29 AM

    Very cool technology, glad to see the USHMM is using it.

    Carmelo Lisciotto

    Enviado por: Carmelo Lisciotto at 10 de Abril 2007 a las 01:09 PM

    Trimble Outdoors Trips layer is really great. I am trying to do something similar just for Colorado Springs area on my page. Having hiking trails tracks with information and photos is a really great tool to plan and visualize future trips of my own

    Enviado por: gulo at 11 de Abril 2007 a las 01:56 AM

    All the ROADS in INDIA are now on Google Earth!!!!

    They were on G.Maps till now, but everything has been transferred to GE! :)

    Enviado por: AC at 11 de Abril 2007 a las 11:47 AM

    gulo: on www.trimbleoutdoors.com, you can create what they call a "trip" and view it in google earth for free.

    Here's the work flow:
    -Register at http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/dyn/Registration/GoogleEarthLayer.aspx
    -download their mapping software
    -in the software: draw your trip (or import from your GPS), place your photos, etc.
    -save it
    -go to web site and find your trip
    -it will have a link to view in google earth.

    Enviado por: Bob at 12 de Abril 2007 a las 01:22 PM

    thats sad what is happening in that place

    Enviado por: winston s at 31 de Octubre 2007 a las 11:50 AM

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