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23 de Abril 2007

Maverick Waves Explained - Illustration in Google Earth

Maverick Waves Explained in Google EarthThe world famous, at least to surfers, Maverick waves off Half Moon Bay in California have recently received some scientific research results which explain how the waves are formed. The Mavericks are used for big wave surf competitions often reaching 15 meters in height. New Scientist highlighted the story last week where US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers revealed they have an explanation for how the Maverick waves are formed. The scientists used advanced underwater imagery techniques to reveal the undersea terrain in the area (more details here). Here is an image overlay for Google Earth of their colorized map showing the undersea terrain. This gives you a bit more perspective of the area rather than just viewing it as a 2D image. You can also view the overlay in Google Maps.

Here's a good video showing what the Maverick waves look like (thanks to Noel for the pointer):

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