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23 de Marzo 2007

Unique Sightseeing Roundup: Not So Green, Whale Spotting, Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Not So Green - The Not So Green web site highlights real life photos (from Flickr) taken out the window of mostly commercial flights, and then compares the photo to a screenshot of the same view inside Google Earth. The focus is mostly on Greenland, but they also have done photos of other places. They also provide a link to view the photo comparison within GE. Here is an example of several photo comparisons. Reminds me of the Earth From Above collection.
  • Whale Spotting - GoogleSightseeing has an amusing article describing attempts to find whales in Google Earth. It highlights several interesting places with evidence of whales. You can view the whales they found here , but it would be best to read the article while viewing each placemark.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright - Found at the Google 3DWarehouse, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house placed in Google Earth. "The Robie House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his client Fredrick C. Robie. This building was designed in 1908 with construction finishing in 1910, and is one of the best known early examples of Prairie style architecture. The Robie House is well known for its dramatic overhanging roofs, its unique windows, and open floor plans. Model by Austin Metzger." via DigitalUrban.

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    I thought you can't take photos in-flight

    Enviado por: Mark.Taiwan at 23 de Marzo 2007 a las 12:45 PM

    Re whale Spotting,
    there is another spot in the Lisbon Coast, Portugal, just in front of Iberlant Headquarters in Oeiras.
    the spot can be seen at : 38° 40' 35.14", -9° 19' 17.17" (eye alt. 420 or <).
    (It's a Save the Whales monument figuring the rised tail of a sperm whale - I think).

    Enviado por: Tiko Woods at 23 de Marzo 2007 a las 01:19 PM

    see also
    for more GE to photo comparisons.


    Enviado por: mj at 23 de Marzo 2007 a las 03:39 PM

    There's another whale at Eucla in Western Australia ( 31° 40' 36.16" S, 128° 53' 2.16" E ) but it's not very clear.

    Enviado por: Phil at 7 de Abril 2007 a las 04:18 AM

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