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24 de Marzo 2007

The Awesome Victoria Falls in Google Earth

Victoria Falls in Google EarthThe Victoria Falls have to be one of the most awesome spectacles on the Earth. Fortunately, Michael Fay of National Geographic didn't fail to take some pictures while he was flying all over the continent of Africa for the Africa Megaflyover collection. His photos are mapped into Google Earth at the location of the falls, which you can see here . The Victoria Falls are located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls witness hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per second falling along a 2 km long gorge. The water makes its way from 8 different countries and eventually ends up in the Indian Ocean. According to Michael Fay's notes he saw lots of ultralights and helicopters below him trying to give tourists the ultimate view of the falls. If you turn on the "Geographic Web" layer while looking at the falls, you will see lots of blue circular placemark icons. These link to photos from the photo mapping site called Panoramio. There are many very pretty pictures of the Victoria Falls in these placemarks which come from people who have been there from all over the world. Panoramio makes it easy (and free) to upload your photos and put them on the map. After a month or so, your mapped photos show up in the Geographic Web layer for everyone to see in Google Earth.

Read more on the Megaflyover collection.

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