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18 de Marzo 2007

Mountain Top Removal Petition - 12,000 in One Week

Dragline mining in Google EarthJust one week after the release of the new "Global Awareness" layers containing the Appalachian Mountain Top Removal layer, the campaign's petition grew from 2 registrations to over 12,000. Now that is a testament to the power of Google Earth's marketability! Especially as it relates to showing environmental damage. Sign the petition here.

See other examples of environmental information available using Google Earth:

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    Big court victory March 23 in federal court where a judge threw out 5 MTR permits that destroyed streams, buried valley and demolished mountains. This is a HUGE win as it means that the 60 or so pending mountaintop removal mining permits have a very doubtful future. for the full story, go to http://www.stopmountaintopremoval.org/breaking-news.html

    Enviado por: jrudian at 25 de Marzo 2007 a las 11:18 AM

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