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10 de Marzo 2007

Major Layer Update for Google Earth - March 10th

Google has just today released a big update to the Layers inside Google Earth. Many people don't realize there is even more information buried in the layers than the images of the Earth itself. Now, Google has added even more. Here are the highlights of this update (from this post by Google):

  • New "Global Awareness" folder under "Featured Content" containing:
    • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Conservation Projects - Placemarks of conservation locations around the world
    • Appalachian Mountaintop Removal - Part of this one was written about here before. Now substantially upgraded and includes overlays showing the mountains before the awful mountain top removal mining efforts.
  • New Zealand Roads - Like Australia last month, now New Zealand has detailed roads and highways.
  • New National Geographic content (under the "Featured Content". Now articles from National Geographic for Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and the Poles.
  • Updated layers:
    • Geographic Web: WikiPedia, Best of GEC
    • Featured Content: more Yelp Reviews, Tracks4Africa
    • Populated Places, Islands and Borders - more island names and better borders for islands
    • Google Earth Community layers
    • Under "Google Earth Community->Community Showcase->World Wide Panorama" - this excellent layer has been expanded to show many more panoramas. Each placemark contains a small snapshot which is a link to a Quicktime VR panorama - beautiful pictures!
    • Volcanoes Layer
    • Digital Globe Layers

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