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21 de Marzo 2007

4D London Eye in Google Earth

A member of the Google Earth Community name 'barnabu', who has contributed several innovative 3D models for Google Earth, produced a very cool version of the London Eye ferris wheel. This 3D London Eye can actually rotate in Google Earth by using the time animation feature - adding the 4th dimension. Download the London Eye here . After it loads, look for the time slider in the upper right of the GE screen and select the Play button (a triangular right arrow - or look at the screenshot instructions in his post). GE first has to load the animated versions of the models, so it will be slow the first time through. You can adjust the speed of the animation by clicking the little clock icon on the left side of the slider, and changing "Animation speed".

Barnabu also put an image overlay where he "photoshopped" out the satellite view of the London Eye so it doesn't look plastered on the ground. This makes it look much nicer when you fly around the model. Great work as usual! I've created the following YouTube video to show off the model for those of you who want to see it now:

Barnabu first did the Prater Park, Vienna ferris wheel using this technique. Other 3D models by 'barnabu' featured at GEB:

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    They did a good job of removing the satellite footprint; that was something that always spoiled the realism of the 3d models for me.

    Enviado por: Lauren at 22 de Marzo 2007 a las 02:51 AM

    Watching this animation brought back memories of riding on it. It is really high and you can peek into Buckingham Palace's "backyard". And the video is well done. Thoroughly enjoyed it. ... And I'm starting to get more interested in what Google Earth can do. Other than looking up my house.

    Enviado por: Christine Smith at 23 de Marzo 2007 a las 01:53 AM

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