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5 de Febrero 2007

News Roundup - India Censorship, SightSeer, Plazes, Education

  • India Censorship - Since shortly after Google Earth was released in 2005, politicians in India have been expressing horror that locations in India of concern to national security are available for all to view. Most countries who have these concerns have contacted the suppliers of the imagery to have changes made to disguise their sights. India mistakenly seems to believe they need to go to Google to take care of this. According to an India Times article this weekend they are saying Google has agreed to help them blur/alter the locations officials are concerned about. Hopefully, Google just told them to go to the aerial/satellite photo providers rather than agreeing to do this themselves. You can see examples of censorship by other countries all over the world (done by aerial or satellite photography companies - not by Google) by reading this post by Price Collins or downlaoding the network link to see the placemarks of censorship . Stefan Geens at OgleEarth regularly writes about censorship issues in GE.
  • Sightseer - The January issue of Sightseer is available for viewing at the GEC. This issue covers the release of GE 4 and other GE news from Dec/Jan. Note that you can receive the Sightseer by E-mail by signing up when you download the latest version of GE (a new version just came out last week).
  • Plazes - Plazes is a location-based social network. People can show where they are located on a map and find ways to link up in person. The company Plazes AG behind it, based in Zurich, has recently received financing from Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures in the amount of 2.7 Million Euros. My guess is the goal is to either compete with My Spaces, or ultimately be acquired by My Spaces. See a review of Plazes and its GE interface.
  • Education - Read this Archeology professor's comments about using GE for archeology and his experience with having students use GE to learn.

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