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20 de Febrero 2007

National Geographic on Elephant Poaching - Google Earth Presentation

National Geographic Ivory Wars - Elephant poaching in Google EarthNational Geographic has just published an article for the March issue called "Ivory Wars - Last stand in Zakouma" by Michael Fay (the same guy who flew over Africa and took the aerial photos you can see inside Google Earth with the MegaFlyover sub-layer). This moving article also has a well-done detailed Google Earth presentation which I highly recommend.

Simply download the Ivory Wars for GE (GE 4 required). There is a lot to explore here. There are many photos, links to more information on the web site, placemarks where poached elephant carcasses were found, shapes and borders indicating the boundary of the protected areas, and much more. For example, open the folder called "Annie's Journey" (the name of an elephant they followed using a GPS for 3 months and who was killed by poachers). Select the folder called "Annie and full track". This is a time-stamped track. If you slide the time-slider you can follow the track of the elephant. Turn on other sub-folders to see more information. Click on the placemarks to see descriptions and photos.

There are several interesting tours you can take. Select the "Photo Videos" folder and set your "Tools->Options->Touring->Show balloons when tour is paused" on. Then select "Play Tour" (under the Tools menu) and you will see lots of interesting photos while touring the area.

This is one of the best Google Earth presentations I've seen in a long time. Not surprising considering Michael Fay also contributed some of the best content (the Megaflyover imagery) for Africa already. Thanks to one of the team members for the GE project, Keene Haywood, for letting me know about the new work. Great work guys!

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