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6 de Febrero 2007

LA Times on Google Earth Sleuthing

The LA Times has released a story entitled "Intrepid Armchair Explorers" by Chris Gaither. Chris interviewed me before the holidays about interesting things people are finding using Google Earth. He ended up wrapping his story around the "Burning Ship Story" I had mentioned to him (ok, it's just a boat), which illustrates how involving millions of people to look at unusual sights usually ends up in the facts being discovered. The LA Times story talks about many unique sights which have been discovered and illustrated by web sites like GEB, GoogleSightseeing, and, of course, the Google Earth Community. He interviews John Hanke, Director of Google Earth. The article also covers those folks who are using the photos in Microsoft's Virtual Earth to make similar discoveries and Chris properly interviews Steve Lawler of Microsoft who is Hanke's counterpart. Chris even interviewed Andre Mueller, the German Physics student who made the discovery of the "burning ship". Overall, the LA Times article is an interesting read if you are an armchair explorer yourself.

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