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2 de Febrero 2007

Google Street Maps Overlay for Google Earth

Google Maps overlay of Sydney in Google EarthUpon reviewing the GEB archives it appears I missed writing about this one even though I've used it for over a year. The same guy who implemented Globe Glider (a useful Windows application for integrating mapping tools with GE), 'BernhardMuc' at the GEC, also released another handy tool. Bernhard posted a way to view Google Maps street maps as transparent images seamlessly overlayed automatically in Google Earth. As you change your view, it reloads a proper zoom level of Google Maps. One example of why this network link is useful is to view detailed map data for countries like Australia and New Zealand which have great roads data in Google Maps, but the data hasn't been ported to GE yet. The maps also show things like parks, lakes, rivers, and tourist sites as well. I think this is a handy thing worth keeping in your "My Places" and turning on when you need a map-like perspective, but still in 3D. (Tip: you can adjust the transparency by changing the parameter in the network link from &TRANS=80 to 100 - no transparency, 0 - fully transparent)

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 2 de Febrero 2007 a las 12:55 PM

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    That's wonderful! Thanks for pointing it out!

    Enviado por: Navneeth at 2 de Febrero 2007 a las 03:55 PM

    so there is a way to bring in GM data into GE!!! ;-)

    Enviado por: smokeonit at 2 de Febrero 2007 a las 05:30 PM

    Frank, how soon we'll see such layer directly in GE?

    Enviado por: stels at 3 de Febrero 2007 a las 07:11 AM

    Just noticed that street directions are now available in Google Earth for Sydney Australia. I guess the real road maps can't be far away.

    Enviado por: Michael O'Neill at 7 de Febrero 2007 a las 03:43 AM

    Just to let everyone know, Australian maps are now available in Google Earth. Living in Melbourne, I have waited a very long time for this and to see it happen is just fantastic.

    Enviado por: Luke W at 17 de Febrero 2007 a las 05:36 PM

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