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21 de Febrero 2007

Google Earth Advertising Gets More Credibility

Business 2.0 logoCNNMoney has just published (from Business 2.0) an article discussing how Google Earth (and other virtual globes) can be used successfully for advertising. The featured example is a campaign by Saturn for their car the Aura. They did a test with 6 regions last fall, which you can try here. In this case, they use video clips which show you flying into the selected dealership using Google Earth. GE enabled them to make many videos showing customized flying tours more quickly. According to the Business 2.0 article, the test campaign resulted in millions of visits and over 1000 test drive requests. This was significant enough that they plan to expand the campaign to a larger number of dealerships.

Examples of other ad campaigns done with Google Earth:

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    This is an great tool to explore the world! Just a quick question, how to add in some information about a specific organisation e.g University?


    Enviado por: Maxwell Wang at 6 de Mayo 2007 a las 10:04 PM

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