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21 de Febrero 2007

Google Earth Tutorials - Making 3D Poloygons, GE Pro Movie Making

Pentagon in Google EarthThe Using Google Earth blog by Googler John Gardiner has published two new blog entries. First he provides some brief instructions on how to create a simple 3D structure in Google Earth by using the "Add->Polygon" feature (I created a simple model of the pentagon in 30 seconds using this technique). John also announced availability of a new tutorial for how to create movies using "Movie Maker" module in GE Pro. For a list of GE tutorials by Google available so far, go here.

If you are interested in making movies using Google Earth, but don't have the Pro version, there are two options I can recommend: 1) if you have a video camera you can simply take shots off the screen, or 2) you can buy FRAPS (Windows) for $37 which does a good job. There are probably options for the Mac as well (anyone care to comment?). The GE Pro option definitely has some nice features and works on the Mac right out of the box.


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    A good free screen capture tool for the PC is CamStudio. I have used it for Google Earth flyover capture and it works pretty good. If you are interested to see, you can view the post here..


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