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12 de Febrero 2007

Fox Television Offering Google Earth/Maps Weather Data

Fox TV weather in Google EarthFOX TV has begun officially offering weather data via Google Maps and Earth. An example for the New York area is a Google Maps mashup which shows winter weather. On the left navigation bar are 5 links to different weather maps available. More importantly, you can download a network link for Google Earth for each map and it shows the data for the entire US. So for example, here is the heavy winter weather map , and here is a nation-wide ski/boarding report .

The significant point here is that this is the first major TV network to support Google Maps and GE for weather reporting. CBS has been outputting geotagged RSS feeds of CBS news for GE, but it is very basic - just placemarks with nice descriptions and a link to each story. FOX's implementation is also relatively simple for weather reporting (no radar, satellite photos, or time slider animations), but its a good step nonetheless. Hopefully, all the networks will begin implementing these interfaces more broadly and some competition for the best visualizations will ensue. Google Earth is capable of some fantastic visualizations if properly implemented. The Discovery Channel has been getting a ton of publicity through its agreement with Google to supply bits and pieces of content tied into Google Earth (see recent Sunrise Earth for example). I would encourage other networks to work deals with Google as well.

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    Although the ski/boarding report is useful, most of the placemarks are not even close to the real locations.

    For another option, check out this (shameless plug)...

    Enviado por: Matt at 12 de Febrero 2007 a las 01:34 PM

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