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19 de Febrero 2007

Collection of Outdoor Mazes Found in Google Earth

Corn field maze and other mazes in Google EarthI've previously written about a collection of placemarks showing geometric designs drawn in crop fields popularly known as "crop circles". An even more popular past time is creating large mazes in fields - both in crops and the European time-honored tradition of garden hedge mazes. You can see many examples of mazes in the satellite and aerial photos of Google Earth. There is a collection of placemarks dedicated to mazes maintained by 'AmericanXplorer13' at the Google Earth Community in this thread of posts. The collection is organized by maze type, region, country, and state. But, you can immediately find the locations by just double clicking on the placemarks. The screenshot here shows a maze with a message and a very clear picture - if you're viewing it from above (find it by loading the collection above and looking in Colorado for "God Bless America cornfield"). Check out the very visible URL of this maze: Fritzlermaze.com. Nice advertisement!

[UPDATE 1430: By the way, this maze used to be a bald eagle design with the words "God Bless America". But, the satellite photo was updated to another year so it now shows the design shown in the screenshot here. Here is a thumbnail of what it looked like before from GoogleSightseeing.com.]


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