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30 de Enero 2007

Video Tutorials for SketchUp to Google Earth

Video Tutorials (podcasts) on SketchUp and Google EarthTwo certified SketchUp instructors called Mike Tadros and Alex Oliver have created a number of excellent video tutorials (podcasts) at a web site called go-2-school.com. These videos (Quicktime required) are professional-grade with nice transitions, music, and excellent zooms to show details on user interface sequences. They have chosen broadcast quality resolution (so you can see all the details), which does mean you either need very good broadband or need to be patient during download. Here are some Google Earth relevant tutorials: Google Earth to SketchUp - Part 1, and SketchUp to Google Earth - Part 2. If you are looking to learn more about using SketchUp, these video tutorials are worth watching.

Also available from the "School" guys is a video interview with Google's John Bacus at MacWorld earlier this month where he shows the new 3D buildings in Google Earth 4.

Related: See some of SketchUp's own video tutorials.

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    I didn't think the videos would play at first but gave them time to download and sure am glad I did. Very informative tutorials with many tips and techniques I didn't know existed and the video quality was phenominal. I'll be sure to bookmark these.

    Enviado por: Josh Wilson at 31 de Enero 2007 a las 09:28 PM

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