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10 de Enero 2007

Upper Green Valley Environmental Issues Illustrated with Google Earth

Skytruth.org is a web site which promotes environmental awareness and protection with digital mapping technology. They have organized geospatial information on an issue in the Upper Green Valley region of Wyoming which has resulted from the US Bureau of Land Management granting licenses to mine oil and gas in the region. Skytruth then crafted the information in a Google Earth file (5 Mbytes) which illustrates the region, illustrates the migration paths of animals, shows the locations of mining, and even has a time animation (GE 4 required) showing the explosion of new wells planted over the last 10 years. They also posted the collection at the Google Earth Community.

Skytruth also has produced an excellent 10 minute video which succinctly describes the issues and cleverly uses Google Earth to give people a 3D perspective on the lay of the land in the area:

Kudo's to Skytruth for an excellent use of Google Earth!

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