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17 de Enero 2007

Sundance Film Festival Map in Google Earth

Sundance Film Festival in Google EarthLast year someone at the Google Earth Community put together an excellent guide to the 2006 Sundance Film Festival for viewing with Google Earth. I wrote about the map, and suggested that the organizers should use this as a model and do something for the 2007 event. Unfortunately, they apparently are not savvy enough to either read GEB, or to even take advantage of a basic Google Maps mashup - much less GE. Here's the 2007 map from the official Sundance Film Festival site as a simple image. Fortunately, it appears most of the location details for this year's event are the same - so, you can view last year's GE map and most of the shuttle routes, HQ locations, and theaters haven't changed. This is a very well done map with colorful tracks, custom icons, and good information on the theaters. Check it out!

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