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9 de Enero 2007

SketchUp 6 is Released!

Google SketchUp 6

Google has just released SketchUp 6 Pro - the latest version of their fantastic 3D modeling software. In addition, they have also released Google SketchUp 6 - the free version of SketchUp - which is particularly useful for creating 3D models for Google Earth. Either program provides an interface for placing 3D models into Google Earth. The new version of SketchUp 6 has a number of nice new features. The most significant from a GE perspective is the new Photo Match tool which makes it even easier to create 3D photo textures. They also have added 3D text capability. This means it will be possible to annotate things in GE with 3D labels.

Check out OgleEarth's comments on the new SketchUp and the new features included.

Check out many 3D models in Google Earth right now. If you've already downloaded the latest GE 4 - you can check out the new "Best of 3D Warehouse" 3D buildings layer.

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