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2 de Enero 2007

News Roundup: Superoverlay, GE Chess, Geosite, ArcGIS Explorer

  • Superoverlay - Valery Hrosunov has released Superoverlay Pro ($95) which includes scheduling of tasks to process Superoverlays. "Superoverlay is a stand-alone Google Earth application for tiling raster datasets and creating view based regions in KML or KMZ files. Also Superoverlay can generate world files for all images in ArcView style". In other words, it helps you put large image overlays into Google Earth (for example alternative maps or aerial photography).
  • GE Chess - Another game to be played with Google Earth. This one lets you set up a 3D Chess board in Google Earth. You have to do a free registration to get started (no e-mail required), and you have to install 3D models on your local drive before you can start. Instructions are provided. Check out the GE Chess game by Ashley Joyce.
  • Geosite - This product was recently released by CH2M Hill, a global engineering construction and operations firm. GISCafe Weekly has a summary of the new product which allows customers to dynamically view project information within Google Earth.
  • ArcGIS Explorer - the virtual globe browser from GIS software giant ESRI was finally released in beta form a few weeks ago. Stefan Geens of OgleEarth has done a thorough review of the product from a Google Earth perspective. His final conclusion is that AGX so far is a disappointment.

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