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13 de Enero 2007

News Roundup - KML indexing, GPS tools, SketchUp PhotoMatch Tutorial, GE Blogs

It seems everyone wants to start off the new year with new Google Earth stuff. Which is great! I've had a virtual flood of people wanting me to write about their new interesting GE content. I really appreciate the input, but I'm starting to fall behind in reporting all of them. This week, you regular GEB readers probably noticed about double the normal number of posts at GEB. This roundup is an attempt to start catching up with more.

  • KML indexing - Google Maps API blog posted a tip for web/blog owners on how to get KML files indexed by Google so people can search and find your interesting GE files.
  • GPS tools - DestinSharks.com has posted an excellent write-up on using GE with a GPS to show real-time position. He talks about several applications you can use. This is a nice complement to my blog entry on the same topic.
  • SketchUp PhotoMatch - SketchUp 6 was released this week, and one of the biggest new features is Photo Match. Photo Match lets you create 3D models from photos. This is particularly useful for creating photo-textured 3D buildings for GE. There are a few video tutorials available on the new features. Watch this double-speed 5 minute video to see a building created by a SketchUp staffer with Photo Match in only 10 minutes.
  • GE blogs - there are new blogs with a focus on Google Earth cropping up in other parts of the world. Check out SinGeo.sg, a blog with a focus on Google Earth content for Singapore. Also, in Denmark there's Boliga.dk (which is clearly about GE, but I don't read/speak the language). It's a real estate site which uses GE, thanks Bent!

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    While normal google videos show fine, these videos will not play on my linux box. Are they a strange format ? Is another format available ?

    Enviado por: john at 14 de Enero 2007 a las 01:02 AM

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