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23 de Enero 2007

News roundup: Google vs. Microsoft, 3D San Jose, Endurance, Weather, Off the Map

  • Google Vs. Microsoft Aerial Dogfight - Yesterday I reported that Google announced plans to shoot aerial photos on Friday for Australia Day in Sydney. Today, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Microsoft has also announced to do the same thing. Gee, I wonder if they both plan to take photos of the Superbowl?
  • 3D San Jose - The GIS folks in San Jose have released the 3D buildings which I mentioned they were developing last November. The San Jose 3D Buildings (8.3 Mbytes) require GE 4, but they don't have textures. They are also rather complex - so they may effect performance in GE.
  • HMS Endurance - An excellent GE documentary of this year's expedition to Antartica by the Royal Navy's Ice Patrol Vessel HMS Endurance has been posted at the GEC by 'saellis'. The HMS Endurance file includes tracks and placemarks with photos, links to stories, and even video. This reminds me of the excellent Shackleton GE historical documentary.
  • Weather - DestinSharks.com has taken the same methodology they used for their ship weather reporting system and collected similar data from the NOAA airport weather called METAR. Now you can get a visual impression of winds, wind direction, and visibility for the entire US based on the placemark icons (read the post for details). Download the NOAA METAR network link here . DestinSharks also has put together several weather resources into a single combined network link.
  • Off the Map - GoogleSightseeing's new book "Off the Map" got a write-up in the New York Post.

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    That's great that 3D buildings for San Jose started in November have been released ... textureless. Meanwhile, Microsoft has had textured, geometrically ACCURATE models of San Jose in place at VirtualEarth.com since November. And speaking of the SuperBowl, you should check out their just released model of Miami and their 30 other cities. You don't even have to download them ... just point your browser to the site.

    Enviado por: Dane Skov at 24 de Enero 2007 a las 12:58 AM

    Hi Dane, just a couple of points for accuracy: 1) these 3D Models did not come from Google, they came from the City of San Jose - and are geometrically accurate because they came from the building plans (Microsoft's came from photographs); 2) To use Virtual Earth 3D you have to a) use Internet Explorer; b) use Windows XP SP2; c) have .Net 2.0 installed; and d) Install several add-ons to IE. So, you can't just point your "browser" there unless you have those things.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 24 de Enero 2007 a las 08:58 AM

    My brother is onboard HMS Endurance, they have some amazing footage down there and some great pics :)

    Enviado por: stu at 26 de Enero 2007 a las 12:19 PM

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