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8 de Enero 2007

News Roundup: GlobeXplorer Acquired by Digital Globe, Conferences, Google Telescope

  • GlobeXplorer Acquired by Digital Globe - Reuters reports on this acquisition which is interesting because Digital Globe is the primary provider of satellite imagery for Google Earth. GlobeXplorer provides software for distributing imagery and also previously acquired an aerial photography business. All Points Blog has a podcast interview with Digital Globe's CEO Jill Smith.
  • Conferences - John Bailey of the Alaska Volcano Observatory is maintaining a calendar of conferences, workshops, short courses, etc. that are targeted at scientific uses of virtual globes. John also helped organize the special sessions on virtual globes at AGU.
  • Google Telescope - Google has been recruited to help solve a massive data challenge for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope which will be built and operational in 2013. The telescope will survey the entire sky creating 30 Terabytes of data each night. Google hasn't determined whether the data will be organized in a specific product, like the popular Google Earth, said company spokesman Jon Murchinson.

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