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7 de Enero 2007

New Layers - Yelp Reviews, Textured 3D Buildings, Brazilian Roads, and more

Google has released new layers today. Probably the biggest addition is the Best of 3DWarehouse Buildings layer (read more below):

New/updated layers:

  • Yelp Reviews - A new Featured Content layer of reviews from the web site Yelp.com which hosts reviews by people who have been there.
  • 3D Buildings - Google has decided to make the large repository of quality 3D buildings from the 3D Warehouse easier to view. If you have the latest GE 4 beta, you can now turn on a "Best of 3D Warehouse" layer under "3D Buildings" and it will automatically load high quality buildings for the area you are viewing (using a network link). You can also still download the 3D Warehouse network link to find even more 3D models and select the placemark to load them up. See this for more details.
  • Roads of Brazil - Remember a few days ago when I said some of the new roads for Google Maps were not in GE? Well, they at least added the new ones for Brazil. But, where is Australia, New Zealand, etc? In fact, the crude base layers of roads for those two countries are gone now. Maybe that's a sign the new road layers are coming.
  • Geographic Web - there seems to be a lot more Panoramio photos in the "Geographic Web" layer.
  • "Sunrise Earth" - Under the "Featured Content" layer you will find "Discovery Network", there is now a new sublayer called "Sunrise Earth". This shows placemarks for locations where Discovery HD has "Sunrise Earth" programs and if you click on the placemarks the picture is a link to 2.5 minute video clips from the programs.

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    it's great that there are 3D buildings on Google earth. I would love to see 3D of the mountains, etc. like the Alps, Andes and the Rockies. Maybe someday.

    I love Google Earth! I can't travel to all the places in the world, but it is fun flying there via Google Earth. I can see views and find out lots of info, and even see sunsets, etc. Fantastic!

    Enviado por: Ann Zawistowski at 7 de Enero 2007 a las 11:59 AM

    You'll find their already is 3D data depicting the mountain ranges you've mentioned - you may need to turn it on by going under the Primary Database and checking Terrain.

    I'm looking forward to more detail of Mt. Rushmore - perhaps Google will put some detail on the fairly round DEM/DTM (Digital Elevation Model/Digital Terrain Model) for Presidents Day or Independence Day.

    Enviado por: Jonathan Braden at 7 de Enero 2007 a las 05:06 PM

    When will aerial shots be updated for San Diego County? They are so outdated...

    Enviado por: Mara at 15 de Enero 2007 a las 06:21 PM

    Yelp is so cool because I've found many great restaurants, my manicurist and doctor! lol Glad you added it because the reviews are written by real people, Not advertisers, so that is why I love it.

    Enviado por: Lisa at 13 de Febrero 2007 a las 03:24 PM

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