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20 de Enero 2007

NASA Mars Imagery for Google Earth

Mars Imagery Overlays in Google EarthYesterday I mentioned a new network link to a WMS (Web Mapping Service) for showing the Blue Marble Next Generation imagery from NASA which was posted by 'OnEarthWMS'. The same guy has also posted several network links for different imagery datasets for the entire surface of Mars. These are overlayed over the Earth (I recommend turning off the "View->Atmosphere" when you load them). Some of the layers have strips of very high resolution data from Mars Global Surveyor. Check these out (make sure you zoom in to see more detail):

Note: you should turn off these layers before loading the next one.

Here's the OnMars web site at NASA which hosts these GE KML files. This is great stuff to look at! Thanks OnEarthWMS and NASA.

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