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22 de Enero 2007

Google Announces Aerial Photo Shoot for Australia Day - January 26

This is pretty interesting. I read about this at Ionut Alex. Chitu's blog. In honor of the celebration of the national holiday Australia Day 2007 on January 26, Google has announced it will be taking new aerial photos of Sydney. The announcement includes a Google Maps mashup where you can drag a placemark around to find out approximately what time the plane is expected to fly over. Google also added a custom URL/sub-domain for Australia last week at maps.google.com.au. See the Sydney Morning Herald story about this which has more details about the aerial photo shoot.

This is a bit of a risky move from a PR perspective. Quality aerial photography is dependent on perfect weather conditions. If its a cloudy day - the day will be a disappointment. Other things can go wrong as well such as airplane maintenance issues, photography equipment failures, air traffic control issues, and imagery processing problems (most aerial photographers still use traditional film systems). But, if its a beautiful day, and all goes well, in a couple of months from now we could see some really interesting photos in Google Maps/Earth where people actually had a chance to know about an aerial photo shoot. I wonder if we'll see some interesting banner ads laid out on roofs?

[Update 1:35PM ET: I just noticed Google at least put a disclaimer in small print at the bottom of their announcement page about the risks involved.]

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  • Comentarios

    Great Idea.
    We should do that in Belgium too.

    Enviado por: Siemen at 22 de Enero 2007 a las 02:25 PM

    BAD MOVE ...
    The Google guys are just asking to be MOONED by the Aussies !?!
    Can't wait to see the headlines.
    Uhmm ... Don't say I put you up to this ;-)

    Enviado por: M_VdM at 22 de Enero 2007 a las 03:18 PM

    it should be done everytime google knows when they shoot footage over us, so people can get out of the picture, or if they like into the picture... but that way companies can actually put their banners or whatever on top of their roofs or property and get free airtime...

    Enviado por: smokeonit at 22 de Enero 2007 a las 07:05 PM

    Wow, awesome, I'll have to make something large enough to be seen for the occaision...

    Enviado por: Alex at 23 de Enero 2007 a las 07:08 AM

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