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24 de Enero 2007

Dutch KLM Releases Air Fare Finder in Google Earth

Dutch KLM airfares in Google EarthA GEB reader from GlobeAssistant.com contacted me today to let me know Dutch KLM airlines has released a Google Earth network link showing airfares for flights from Amsterdam to destinations around the world. You have to zoom in close enough for the placemarks to destinations to appear. Each placemark shows the price in Euros, and provides a link to make a reservation and/or change your from/to parameters. There are instructions in Dutch on the main page at KLM. There is also a Dutch news item about this at Emerce in the Netherlands. Currently the network link only shows flights from Amsterdam.

British Airways released something similar last summer. This is KLM's response. KLM hired GlobeAssistant.com which provides professional services to implement Google Earth business applications.

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