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4 de Enero 2007

Black Pearl in 3D in Google Earth

Black Pearl in Google EarthOver the holidays, 'jpwade' (who has contributed many 3D models to the GE Community) posted a 3D model similar to the Black Pearl ship from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". He also implemented a time animation showing the ship sailing about in a bay in the islands. Load the Black Pearl model (you must be using GE 4) and hit the "Play" button (a right arrow triangular button on the right of the time slider in the upper part of the screen). Pay close attention to how it animates at the beginning. It seems his version of the Black Pearl has capabilities similar to the Flying Dutchman. Thanks Joey!

Related, some other 3D models for Google Earth by 'jpwade':

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 4 de Enero 2007 a las 09:38 AM

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    also, the maps served using the google maps api are old than those served at maps.google.com. both in the map data & the satelite imagery.

    Enviado por: seth at 4 de Enero 2007 a las 04:54 PM

    In which file I have to put that?

    (.kmztmp, alchemy, kvw, lang, res, or xml)

    Enviado por: Tim at 15 de Junio 2007 a las 12:38 PM

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