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19 de Diciembre 2006

Top 25 Stories from Google Earth Blog for 2006

As the year closes, here is a look back at some of my favorite stories from Google Earth Blog (out of nearly 600 blog entries) from 2006. Some of these stories were pivotal points in the development of Google Earth, others were significant illustrations of some important event or place, and still others were just fun things someone found or did in Google Earth. Even if you are a regular, you may find looking at some of these a refreshing look at significant points in the history of Google Earth of 2006.

The list is in approximate chronological order:

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    Those 25 were memorable. In number 26 I would put that little program that that japanese programmer did that allowed us to drive a car anywhere in the world in the "Google Announces a Programmable Interface to Google Earth" October story, that was one of the most fun applications made for Google Earth jeje :)

    Enviado por: Dr. Canoro at 19 de Diciembre 2006 a las 11:32 PM

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