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20 de Diciembre 2006

Top 10 Time Animations from 2006 in Google Earth

Time animations are a new capability Google added to the Google Earth 4 beta in late summer of this year. When someone simply adds time stamps to KML content, a slider appears in the interface which allows you to control the interval of time you are viewing. Google has taken care of automatically animating the content whether it is placemarks, polygons, lines, image overlays, and even 3D models. It's the fourth dimension done right!

This is GEB's list of the top 10 time animations viewable with Google Earth 4 (version 4.0.2091+). I recommend you delete the folder containing each time animation after viewing it to free up memory before loading the next one. Animations with 3D models or image overlays can consume a lot of memory. But, these animations are definitely worth viewing. They are listed in chronological order as to when they appeared in this blog. You may want to read the blog entries for each for more details and instructions.

  1. Avian Flu - By Declan Butler of Nature Magazine - blog entry
  2. Hurricane Katrina - By Brian Flood - blog entry
  3. Growth of Buildings in London - By 'barnabu' from GEC - blog entry
  4. Paleogeographic Animation - By Valery Hrosunov - blog entry
  5. Earth on Fire - By Valery Hrosunov - blog entry
  6. Clouds of Jupiter - By 'barnabu' - blog entry
  7. Blue Marble Time Animation - By Frank Taylor and Barry Hunter - blog entry
  8. Ferris Wheel - By 'barnabu' - blog entry - NOTE: if you are using the latest GE beta - see this version
  9. Paddle Boat - By Joey Wade - blog entry
  10. Edmund Fitzgerald - by Joey Wade - blog entry - NOTE: if you are using the latest GE beta - see this version

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    Yes I agree those mentioned animations are great to look at. The Jupiter animation is my favorite even if it is not at the top position.

    Thank you for sharing this animations with me !

    Enviado por: Morris loves pictures at 20 de Diciembre 2006 a las 10:18 AM

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