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30 de Diciembre 2006

Summary of Google Earth Imagery Updates 2006

During 2006, Google made a substantial investment in adding new imagery to the Google Earth/Maps imagery database. Google hasn't released the numbers, but I think the significance of the data made available for free is truly astounding. We're talking millions of square miles/kilometers of high resolution sateillite/aerial photos all over the planet. A year ago there were many countries and most tropical islands with little or no high-resolution data. Now, virtually all countries and most tropical islands are graced with beautiful views. In the June update alone, Google did reveal they had reached a milestone of covering one-third of the world's population centers in high-res. They may be approaching one-half by now since there were several updates since June. If you haven't looked at Google Earth recently (because your house wasn't there) then check it out now.

In fact, this year, Google had SEVEN significant imagery updates and at least 3 minor updates (although Google says there are many unannounced minor updates). Here's a list of the updates covered by this blog (with some details on the locations):

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