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14 de Diciembre 2006

Quick News Roundup: German GE Xmas Game, Wikipedia layer, AGU Day 2 Quick Summary

Have only a few minutes today to write - I will probably end up catching up on details about the AGU conference this weekend. Here's some quick news:

  • German GE Christmas Game - Thomas Overbeck of the German Google Earth site ge-hilfe.de, has set up an interesting Google Earth treasure hunt game at globezoom.info. The most important part: you can win a SpaceNavigator! They have a Christmas game right now. You download a network link which will help give you clues as you explore the Earth until you find the treasure.
  • Wikipedia layer - John Gardnier writes at the Google Earth User blog about the new Wikipedia layer and how to get a Wikipedia story to appear in the new GE layer.
  • AGU Day 2 - Day 2 at the AGU conference session on Virtual Globes was more about meeting people and listening to interesting discussions as folks gathered around the virtual globes poster sessions. I got to meet the respected 'Valery35' (Valery Hrosunov), who I've written about many times at the GE Blog. This was a great chance to meet members of the Google Earth team - seven or eight Googlers were present pretty much all afternoon. They were actively soliciting people for ideas on how to improve Google Earth in future versions. There was an interesting discussion between Google and NASA on GE and WorldWind (more on this over the weekend). Went to dinner with members of the GE team members and a few GE community memebers including Valery. There was a comedy of fortunate circumstances which made this dinner truly special - for example, it seemed nearly everyone who came by the table spoke Russian which truly delighted Valery. More on this later as well.

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