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29 de Diciembre 2006

Play "Mars Sucks" Game in Google Earth

Mars Sucks Game in Google EarthThe game concept called "Mars Sucks" was put together by an Intel team which I wrote about in an article earlier today. Virgil at Destinsharks.com has set up a server and you can play the game now. All you need to do is download this network link . Move to the country described by the clues on the lower left and move over the spaceship which will appear there. You need to make four tiny movements over the ship (so it is in the gun sights). After a 1 second pause the guns will fire. Four shots destroys the "evil" martian spaceship. Then you get new clues. Check it out. And thanks to Virgil for setting it up.

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    I am in iran and google earth is not downloadable in iran.
    why? We are not government workers we are ordinary people.

    Enviado por: saeid at 30 de Diciembre 2006 a las 03:41 AM

    Friend Saeid in Iran,

    Ask your government why GoogleEarth is blocked in your country.

    They must have some fear of what you may learn if you have it.

    Enviado por: cc at 31 de Diciembre 2006 a las 02:31 PM

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