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21 de Diciembre 2006

News Roundup - Google Integration, Panoramas Coming, Norway Search

  • Google Integration - Many of us who are regular bloggers of Google applications have been clamoring for more integration between their applications. For example, I believe Google Calendars, Search, Maps, etc. should all have KML buttons for any item related to a location. While at the AGU conference last week, I learned that Valery Hrosunov not only believes in the integration, but is taking matters into his own hands. For months Valery has been helping the developers of EditGrid (a collaborative spreadsheet application) to perform all kinds of amazing things to generate KML (see story at OgleEarth). Now, Valery has started releasing work he has been doing to help Google Spreadsheets & Docs have GE integration. By the way, Tagzania has added KML buttons to their version of Google Maps months ago. Why hasn't Google done it?
  • Panoramas Coming - Digital Urban has been working on a way to view panorama photos within Google Earth using what looks lie a 3D Sphere with the photo as a texture you can view from inside. This looks like it will work really well if you have a SpaceNavigator (which makes it easy to fly into and turn around inside). See YouTube demo here:

  • Norway Search - Someone noticed that a search for "Norway" ends up with a location in the middle of Sweden. Stefan at OgleEarth reports on this "shocking" news. He also points out it probably has to do with the search algorithm for countries based on the shape of the country (it looks like it uses the NE and SW corners of a country and picks a point in between). E.g. If you do a search on Croatia you get Bosnia. Google should probably write a few exceptions in their search results for the countries where their algorithm doesn't work.

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    the same thing happens when you search Vietnam (it turns up on Laos).

    Enviado por: nxdat at 21 de Diciembre 2006 a las 10:07 AM

    Searching Croatia is still not fixed! It still shows Bosnia. Searching Sweden and Vietnam is fixed. Can you adress GE staff about this problem? Thanks.

    Enviado por: Alfons Jan at 3 de Enero 2007 a las 11:02 PM

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