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29 de Diciembre 2006

Mars Sucks - A Game for Google Earth

Mars Sucks Game in Google EarthAn Intel Team focused on gaming technology spent some time developing a video game concept using Google Earth. They describe the concept in an article on Gamasutra this way:

Martian robotic spacecraft are invading Earth and sucking up humans for experiments! We were able to capture one Martian spacecraft, which we need you to pilot in an attempt to blast other Martians out of our atmosphere. The Martians are being sent messages that direct them to their next target. Your mission is to decipher the messages, and blast these Martians before they can suck people off the planet. Stay tuned for intercepted Martian messages!

The Intel team then turned out some code to implement the basics of the game which they describe in this 4-page article. They didn't go so far as to implement real game play or sounds. But, they are giving away the art and source code hoping someone will take it to the next step. One of the main problems they encountered is being able to detect when someone presses a key in GE so the software could fire the spaceship gun . To get around this, a gamer moves the Earth to the location and pause for a second and the gun fires. They are looking for ideas on how to get around this.

I haven't had the chance yet to set up the code and test it. If anyone has done this, and has set it up on a server for testing, please let me know what it was like - or share a YouTube video. via Blogsearch.

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