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1 de Diciembre 2006

Hong Kong in 3D in Google Earth

Hong Kong in 3D in Google EarthThe guys from ComputaMaps have created another excellent rendering of city buildings in 3D. This time the city of Hong Kong has been rendered with 29 detailed textured buildings and over 5000 building components in total. Download Hong Kong in 3D here (3.4 MBytes). Double click on one of the detailed building placemarks to fly in closer. ComputaMaps has colored buildings with lower heights darker than taller ones which helps give a better sense of realism. According to Steven at ComputaMaps, they believe hand-built buildings put together by artists look better than auto-generated photo-textured maps like what has been done in the Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D (VE3D) buildings. One issue Steven sees is that when future versions of these virtual globes model sunlight, the shadows cast by an artist rendered building will look much better. The VE3D buildings will have shadows stamped onto the photo textures - so they are stuck. Anyway, this collection for Hong Kong is definitely worth viewing. Great work guys!

By the way, ComputaMaps also published Vancouver in 3D, and Cape Town in 3D.


Enviado por FrankTaylor at 1 de Diciembre 2006 a las 12:51 PM

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    It's just amazing!!!

    Enviado por: me at 1 de Diciembre 2006 a las 05:12 PM

    This is a Emperor Nintoku's ancient burial mound.
    It is the largest burial in the world.
    Please see!


    Enviado por: Takeshi at 2 de Diciembre 2006 a las 03:40 AM

    Stephen is correct when he says "hand-built buildings put together by artists look better than auto-generated photo-textured maps". But incorrect to assume that Virtual Earth doesn't support hand modeled buildings! The Virtual Earth is built of both algorithmically generated and textured buildings as well as those created completely by hand. The advantage of supporting both is that it is possible to add entire new cities very quickly with 'good' quality (not just 20 buildings), while augmenting the city with hand modeled buildings.

    Enviado por: steve lombardi at 2 de Diciembre 2006 a las 04:11 PM

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