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12 de Diciembre 2006

Avian Flu Tracker Updated

Declan Butler of Nature Magazine has recently updated his Avian Flu Tracker for Google Earth. Declan has been enhancing this powerful visualization for showing the spread of Avian Flu during the last year. Used with Google Earth 4 you can see a time animation of the progression of the reported cases of the flu. I recommend changing the option (by selecting the little "clock" to the left of the time slider bar) to "Clamp beginning of time window". If you look in the Places pane, there are folders containing additional data sets.

Declan mentions in his blog entry that the reported number of cases are lower and less geographically spread at this time. But, he points out: "...this could be a seasonal lull -- avian flu hits hardest in winter, and it is summer in the Southern hemisphere. Moreover, it is worth remembering that 2006 has seen more human cases, 111 cases, and 76 deaths, than in any previous year."

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