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5 de Noviembre 2006

World's Largest Lips

Global Fire Data in Google EarthLast month someone at the Google Earth Community called 'atlas1970' discovered the "most beautiful lips on Earth!!!". They might quite possibly be the biggest lips (even bigger than Angelina Jolie's). These lips measure out at just short of 1 kilometer wide. You can check out the lips here in Google Earth , or in Google Maps in the satellite photo. You should definitely take a closer look. It's amazing how they still look like lips even zoomed close. Before someone asks, there is NO photo-retouching involved.

For other interesting visual tricks like this see:

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    I was going to offer to go to take photos of this from the ground next time I'm in Sudan. Then I noticed exactly where they're at. I'm not going to the middle of the Darfur crisis region for photos of that.

    Enviado por: Tom at 17 de Junio 2007 a las 04:43 PM

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